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I recently read an article by Mark Whitby, a leading recruitment trainer, most noteworthy was his discussion on an encounter he had with a Team Lead at consulting gig. He mentioned said Team Lead viewed ‘recruitment’ as a ‘service’ that was simply a ‘necessary evil,’ something his client HAD to utilize.

This was not the first time I had heard of recruiting being referred to as a ‘necessary evil.’ I have worked in recruitment for 15 years. I witnessed some recruiters not understand the value they bring to their clients. This short-sightedness is a problem. It causes recruiters to adopt a ‘transactional’ approach, ultimately burning themselves and the overall attitude towards the industry. With such an attitude, there is no self-respect and relationships are seen as a means to an end. This view makes it difficult to develop long lasting partnerships, leading to a flawed view of the recruitment industry, especially among those who have to utilize our services.

The importance of value

If you do not understand the value your skills provide, it comes across in your work. It is a reoccurring issue in recruiting. I want to remind every recruiter of the value they bring to clients and candidates on a daily basis. 

You are the first line of engagement for your client

You positively represent the employer brand on the open marketplace. This is done by talking to the best candidates for the position and by talking up the strengths of the client. This builds the clients ability to hire for this role and future roles.

You conduct market research for your client

Via your efforts, you educate your client on the state of the market and how they need to adapt. This information allows your client to make a positive hire, ultimately outperforming their completion.

You open doors

Through your consistent networking and building of relationships, you open doors to ‘passive’ candidates. These candidates would otherwise not available to your client.

You manage expectations

The inability to hire for a needed position costs the client money on a daily basis. Because without someone to do that role effectively, the client cannot realize its vision, perform at its best and meet goals, thus costing them money. By creating a positive hiring process and delivering against precise timelines, your client understands when they will make that hire and when the business will grow.

You eliminate frustration for the client

There can be a lot of negotiation at the end of the hiring process and it can be incredibly frustrating. So, we take this frustration away by managing both the client and the candidate throughout the interview process.

You help the candidate succeed

You present candidates with opportunities that match their career aspirations, as a result, it allows them to step into something challenging, in an environment where they can excel.


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